Welcome to our new blog here at cash4partners.com. In this blog, we will keep you updates on all of the latest news and promotions from us here at cash4partners.com

We are really looking forward bringing all of our partners, a lot of good stuff here in 2016!

In May we will add budgetbdsmtoys.com to our partner program, so that you will now also be able to promote physical product via your affiliate account with us. More to come re. this, when a little closer.

The big news here and now is that mercilessdominas.com and perfectsinnetwork.com in co-operation, will start to live stream, a couple of scenes each time they shoot. First time will be April 30th. You can read more about it by clicking here. We hope this very unique product, will help you get more sign ups and better conversions! These live streams, will be one of a few new advantages for paying members of mercilessdominas.com and perfectsinnetwork.com, and we hope they will raise the average value of each sign up for the benefit of us and you as our partner. If you want to promote the live streams, that is part or the normal membership on mercilessdominas.com and perfectsinnetwork.com. You can find banners related to these, when logged into your cash4partners.com account.