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What is Cash4Partners? Cash4Partners is the affiliate program behind most adult and e-trade websites, operated by ETD Services Ltd

What program options do you offer? Our offer is very simple. If you are promoting any of our digital products, you will earn 40% of turnover. If you are promoting any of our physical products, you will earn 10% of turnover (no commission is paid on the turnover, coming from shipping fees or added import taxes). In both cases, clean turnover without any deductions. Your commission if lifetime.

Do you offer promo codes? In the case of adult site memberships, we do not offer any coupon codes. In the case of other digital products, we may or may not offer coupon codes, please contact your affiliate mananger. In the case of our websites offering physical products, we offer 10% off coupon codes, just contact your affiliate manager and get your personal code. 

We are aware that our promo code terms, might  be a bit tight. We choosen this path, because most of our products are niche products, that will convert well, but only for a very specific audience. We don’t want affiliates that are putting an effort into creating quality niche content, to be overranked by coupon code sites.

Where can I promote your content? It’s more or less up to you, since we are very open minded people. That said, we do not like spam and dishonest information. Say you bought a mailing list, then no you can’t bombard it with offers for our products. Same thing with coupon codes! If you have a 10% coupon code, you can’t optimize your campaign for a 30% coupon code, making potential customers think, they will receive a bigger discount. 

How do you pay and how often?

We pay once a month, no later than the 15th. Say that you earned €165 during March, you will receive your money between April 1st. and 15th. Minimum payout is €50, and you can choose between Paxum, Bank Wire, and various Cryptos. Are you only promoting our physical products, then also Payoneer is an option.