Any restrictions on where I can promote your products?

Not really, we trust that you will promote us in good faith. We reserve the right to ask any campaign to be stopped in the case; we do not feel that it is in compliance with moral and or legal standards.

Do I need to have a website to apply for an affiliate account with Cash4Partners?

No, you are welcome to promote our products via other methods such as but not limited to social media, emails, blogs and word of mouth.

Do you offer hosted video and gallery content?

Currently not, but this is something that we are looking into doing in the future. We do offer sample videos that you can host yourself or post on Tube sites.

Can I build my own galleries with the content that you provide?

Yes, but keep in mind that we do not allow you to promote other sites than ours with Cash4Partners content.

Can I refer other affiliates?

Sure you can! You will earn the equivalent of 10% of his/her lifetime payouts.

Do I have to create multiple accounts to promote every program?

No, you can promote all programs from one account. No matter if an adult or non-adult program and regardless of if revenue share or not.

Do you offer custom banners or other marketing materials?

Yes, please write us at partners(at) with you request or contact your partner manager in case you have one.

Do you offer free memberships to your adult sites for your partners?

In general not. However, if you are accumulating +10 sales each month or if you have a well-known adult content affiliate site, please write us at partners(at) and we will find a solution.

Is there a minimum amount to reach in order to receive a payout?

The minimum payout is set to €100 or equal in $ or BTC. You can always raise it when logged into your affiliate account.

PPC or PPS are that something you are offering?

No, currently we only offer revenue shared deals. If you are a long-term partner with us, we might consider otherwise for some of our programs. Please contact your partner manager.

What % do you pay?

It depends on what site you are promoting. For all of our adult sites, we offer 50% revenue share. For our other sites, please check the terms related to the program.

What are the payout methods?

We offer bank wire in USD or EUR send via an EU-based bank, Paxum and Bitcoin. By request, we may be able to payout via Payoneer and Litecoin. For affiliates promoting only our non-adult sites, PayPal is also an option by request. We do not offer payment by check.

What kind of marketing tools do you offer?

It depends on what site you are promoting. For all of our sites we offer affiliate links and banners, and for some of our sites, we offer bonus codes as well. You are always very welcome to send ideas and requests other marketings tools via partners(at)

When do you payout?

We pay out each month no later than the 15th. for the previous month. Please be aware that minimum payout is €100.

Where can I check my stats?

You can check your stats when logged into the backend of your affiliate account.

Will I be credited for every sale?

Yes, we use Post Affiliate Pro and everything is tracked with precision.